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Location: Dusun Tanen, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Omah Alas [rumah hutan], Dusun Tanen Jogjakarta. Peristirahatan suasana alam hutan pedesaan.
Omah Alas [forest house], Dusun Tanen Jogjakarta. A village resort with natural ambiance.


The Forest House

Location: Kaliurang KM.21, Dusun Tanen Rt-01/Rw-25, Desa Hargobinangun, Kec. Pakem Sleman, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
: Natural Resort, 'Rumah kampung'
: omalas_jogja@yahoo.com
: Guest House, Bed and Breakfast, Community Area / 'Pendopo Serba-Guna'.
Activities: Learn how to make Batik Painting and Handmade Candle; Hiking to Salak-field or Chrysanthemum garden or Mushroom farm; Cooking in Traditional Kitchen, Tour to Kaliurang or Merapi (see the lava spring or the bunker), Have a massage, Pre-Wedding or Family Photograph.

The View

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The Family

This blogsite belongs to a family of four. Yos, the head of the family, had a background in Graphic Design and Master in Management, with a professional-result hobby in Photography. He had an artist line running in the family, experience in built and design, including furniture and its materials.

Vivi, the queen of the family, had background in Interior Design, as well as craft and interior product design, and had featured in Laras Magazine. Now she is also doing professional make-up for wedding and artistic photography. Both husband and wife have passion in traditional culture, hospitality, and arts/crafts.

The fruits of their marriage are twins, Jyosa and Jyoti, now start their elementary and fortunately still enjoy natural life in the village.